Saturday, April 13, 2013

A little bit of bling

It's hard to believe i've been making jewellery for about 8 years and had never made a bracelet with elastic. Elastic seems like the place people usually start. 
I do have some in my kit though 'just in case' - I was in the studio the other day and suddenly felt I had to make one. And why not.... I like bracelets myself (i'm a long standing fan of shiny and sparkly accessories) but I don't like jewellery clasps on my bracelets (except magnetic ones). 


  1. I have Amber and red coral bracelets with elastics..the only problem is in some age could be broken ..but in my case was arrenged by an artisan like you.
    I like wearing wood's bracelets as well in summer time.
    Petra's a pity..the picture is small, could be more bigger ? that help see better the work you made.

  2. Stretchy bracelets are great for summer holidays in the sun. Easy to throw on and no metal to heat up. It's years since I made one myself....

    1. That's it! (Apart from no fiddly clasps) the ease of use and they're not sweaty etc