Monday, March 18, 2013

Don't get angry, get crafty

If something angers me, my response is usually to make something. It's a very constructive use of that steam! Have a run in with someone? Bake a cake! If 'stuff happens' i think to myself 'I want to make the hell out of something'.
So my response is the same whether it is something simple such as a shocking bill or if it's something larger that life throws at you.
When I had to start using a walking stick I personalised it. I painted it red, put on some stickers and gems. Then put on a layer of car lacquer. When I had to upgrade to a rolling walking aid, I spray painted it turquoise and draped some fuzzy dice over the handle.
I had to recently upgrade to a scooter and the fuzzy dice were transferred from the rollator in a special presentation ceremony(!) But I did like the colour, unlike most mobility aids it is not 'hospital green' or 'questionable brown', it's a nice iclandic blue shade. But one thing I could do is make a bumper sticker. So I whipped up a funny sign to stick on the back.

I could start a range of t shirts with slogans:
don't get angry, get crafty
make the hell out of something
I want one!


  1. Wow Petra...the blogspot it's made in a few hours !!nice colours Petra...


  2. Thank you margarita. I posted a comment last night that seems to have disappeared into the ether. I was trying to tie my colours in with my shop banner a bit. Not entirely but a little. There's no raspberry colour in my banner but as you might know yourself finding colours that work for text with a busy background can be a challenge

  3. Nice blog, Petra! I appear to be your first member, too! I totally agree with the sentiments expressed in your first article. And I love the phrase "questionable brown" - I might just nick that.

  4. Hi Tina! I'm an ocean of mad and wonderful phrases. Remember the 'snapper' and 'the lid' on the SHP team chat thread! Although it would take a brave man to try use some of the things I come up with hehe. Stuck with me to learn strange applications of the English language ;)