Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thinking outside the square-shaped thingie

I love creative ideas for the craft room. I might blog about some of the ideas in my craft room another time but today I want to focus on work surfaces! A bead mat is pretty much a staple for the jewellery maker, even if they have bead boards or bowls. As having tools, the piece you're working on and randomly falling beads skittering around the table is no fun. If you're anything like me you've probably lost a fortune in beads this way. But I don't like bead mats, they get dirty very easy and the texture of the felt feels a little odd to me. In addition, the bead mat will still slide around a bit on a worktop.

So I had a brainwave. What about that stuff you can buy in the euro store (pound store / dollar store) - the non slip mats you put on your car dashboard?

  • It has several advantages:
  • It provides a non slip surface on the worktop itself
  • Most of these have small holes in them which are handy or catching beads and laying out your designs
  • It stops your tools sliding around and hitting your beads 
  • It's more comfortable for your hands and elbows 
  • It's really cheap 

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