Thursday, July 11, 2013

Like a steam train

How do you get going when you need to start work on something? I find that it's really hard to start (due to procrastination etc!) but once I do start and have a clear goal in mind i'm like a steam train ploughing ahead 'til it's done. I've always worked like that, I rarely have a project I like to do over time. No, it has to be now!

That's probably why my artwork is pretty abstract and I suppose you might call it furious - I like to come to the conclusion (the picture in my head) while i'm still excited about a project.
It might well stem from knowing myself well. I know I can lose interest and lose my passion for things that seem to have no end in sight. That said, I have completed some projects over time and happily worked like that. I set daily goals to meet and that worked out nicely. Generally though - steam train!

I use my older paintings to demonstrate what I mean:
 I feel my steam train work nature is perhaps what holds me back in some ways but it is also very much a part of my success. I have a suspicion that good ol' mum would call it 'bloody minded stubborness'. That's mums for you! 

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