Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Pinterest DIY age - creative space ideas

You've heard of the Stone Age, you've heard of the Bronze Age you've probably heard of the Technology Age. Sure we all manage to pick up a factoid or two in school.
I'm thinking right now may be the Pinterest Age (!) The age of DIY, recycling and getting really crafty with everything. Even your sandwiches have to be designed 'just so' and be mini pieces of culinary and decorative art.

So it's no surprise that I went all Pinterest on my studio : the DIY version of going kung fu on its a$$. I spent a few months scouring Pinterest for some ideas. Some I did adapt. I want to share some of these handy ideas as hey... who doesn't love handy tips?!

Exhibit A: my scissors organiser. I had a couple of mug racks going wanting so I used one for regular scissors (i have an assortment of paper, double sided tape, ribbon scissors) and the other for my fancy edged scissors.
You can pick these up in the euro/dollar store. A very cheap idea.

Scissors organisers 
Exhibit B: seed bead storage - very serious stuff. This is where I did splash out a bit as I looked at different storage ideas. And they were all expensive. A large unit with small drawers sounded perfect but they cost upwards of 200 here even for basic ones. So I thought 'A4 paper drawers!' they aren't exactly a cheap option but they do the job perfectly. I have them organised by colour and they are easily accessible. I got mine from an office supply store but this is one thing you may have in your home office or may find in a skip from an office having a clear out (never underestimate the power of The Skip you can find real gems in them!).

seed bead storage
Exhibit C: Bead storage for my large beads. I really didn't want to spend a lot but did need something practical. I was in the euro store one day when I spotted a drawer unit and a lightbulb went off in my head. These were just 2 euro each (less than 2 US dollars).

Bead storage (the black units)
Exhibit D: somewhere for my tools. This was a suggestion of my dads: magnetic strips like the ones in the kitchen for utensils. It's very handy for the tools I use most. I keep the rest on a tall bathroom rack I had. The great thing is I can keep other larger tools in the baskets (solder fluid etc).

Tools area
Some other ideas you'll see in the pictures:
Using little buckets on the wall, they come off and are attached to a little strip on the wall (they're popular in mechanics workplaces etc).
Using a cupcake stand (I have spare silicone cupcake liners on it as the paper ones would not last) for bits n bobs left over from projects that come in handy.
Large plastic bins under the counters for packing materials, paper scraps, wool, tools etc. A great way to keep out damp too.
I screwed plastic flip boards to the wall by the seating areas so i can jot down ideas (and remove the paper easily).
Huge bread bin for my stringing materials and wire. It keeps them dry too.

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  1. That cupcake stand is a brilliant idea! And I'm a sucker for a well placed magnetic strip - Well done! (also - HELLO KITTY <3)

    1. I love hello kitty. I have a shrine hehe.
      The cupcake stand is very handy. I always have bits I have no use for then find out they're perfect when I'm in a pinch in the future.
      Plus they're cheap! That one was about 6 in heatons last year. It's not like I have dinner parties so thought I may as well use it in the studio

  2. The magnetic strips for hanging tools is pure genius and I love the cupcake stand! I work from home, so have to disguise my storage away as best I can. You've inspired me to do a blog post to show a few ideas.