Monday, June 24, 2013

Urgent news for bloggers and blog readers everywhere

Big news for all bloggers and blog readers in recent weeks:
as of July 1st 2013 google will be retiring several of their (they believe) less popular tools. This includes google reader - google friend connect. You know that little box you see on blogs with little avatars and 'follow this blog' button? Yup, that's due to go:

This is big news for bloggers and blog readers alike as this is how we follow blogs and engage with readers too. 
So this means that (unless google makes a last minute change) blogs you followed through google reader - friend connect will no longer show on your blog dashboard. A particularly worrisome event for those with many readers. Google has been phasing out GFC for a few years now. GFC used to be used on other sites also but from late 2011 it became a blog-only tool. They are giving us time to make arrangements.  

So I have been researching alternative ideas for readers of this blog and I know that many of you have blogs of your own too.

Bloglovin is one of the biggest and maybe one of the best options out there. What is bloglovin? You can basically follow and add any blogs you would like to. 
I have already a 'follow this blog on bloglovin' button to this blog and I will be adding blogs I already follow to bloglovin so that I don't lose anyone. 
How do you add the bloglovin button or widgets? See this helpful step by step easy setup guide
Bloglovin also has a helpful information page on transferring your subscriptions (as a blog reader) to bloglovin here

By the end of July, Digg is due to launch an alternative one recent news article is found here.

For blog readers - Feedly is an alternative already established site that also has an import feature for your google reader content. 

If you are a blogger you can add the 'follow by email' gadget to your blog in the 'layout'. If you are a blog reader you can subscribe to blogs that have this feature. 

Other options:

And last but not least we have social media - social media (facebook, twitter etc) offer ways to view and share blogs.
For me Bloglovin and Feedly seem like the best options but im also curious to see what Digg come up with in the next month or so. 

If you would like to continue to follow this blog there is the new bloglovin button on the toolbar area to the left. I have also added the 'follow by email' option 


  1. Hi, Petra, thanks for explaining, these changes make me worried, because I don't know too much about all this buttons and following options, but I'll get there,

    1. youre welcome. i like bloglovin for its ease of use. plus you can follow blogs on different websites.
      feedly does the same thing but i havent used it so i dont know how user friendly it is.

      i spent the evening playing around with the gadgets (toolbar on the left)

  2. Thanbks for sharing Petra...

    I rather prefer 'e-mail subscription'...