Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crafty tips - reusing

I'm feeling in a sharing-creativity mood! How about some of my favourite craft room ideas from Pinterest?

Using shutters as a noticeboard or for keeping papers etc?
Just genius and I wish I had a shutter going spare! 

A new use for that old spice rack! 
Wishing I had one of these too....

Wine rack and glasses = perfect for pens, markers,
chalks, tools......

Lots of little bottles? if you have a metal serving tray or heck,
anything metal... attach it to the underside of a shelf and pop 
some magnets on the bases of the bottles. Great if storage space 
is very limited 

The great thing about these ideas is, you may well be able to get your hands on the raw materials in a euro (dollar) store too.  

I'll share one of my own 
Mug holder racks - as a scissor organiser


  1. Petra..I rather prefer your style I like your hair dryer ..or is a lamp ??? LOL

    Have fun in your studio-room...

    1. That's that's a lamp margarita - it's a retro style one. It isn't meant to have a pointy bulb in it (same size but for aesthetics you are meant to use a flat based bulb - it looks sorta like a 1950s car headlamp.
      So it looks kind if mad!

  2. Good grief, Petra! How many pairs of scissors does one girl need?

    My Mum hoards scissors. She keeps a pair in every drawer in the house. None of them sharp enough to cut butter!

  3. Oh my, I'm stuck with my first purchase, the ikea colored plastic boxes! Thank you for making me think about it!