Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Get your trade on

I always start my Christmas holiday shopping early, partly to spread the cost and partly because i'm more likely to end up with pretty and thoughtful gifts rather than trying to find something at the last minute. I try to have important birthday gifts in advance too. Mainly so I don't forget!

I mentioned that I love to trade a few months ago. It's great fun if you both have things the other needs (or wants!). 
I have traded with folks all over the world but it has to be said that trading within Europe is all the more fun. Not just because a postage is cheaper no... there are a lot of fellow European Etsy sellers but not a huge amount of them know that trading is an option. So it's fun when you can trade crafts with - basically - your neighbours! 

This week I had the good fortune to trade some earrings with a fellow Etsy Ireland team mate - I ended up with this lovely linen purse from Linen Artisan. It's beautiful quality and very pretty. I particularly like that trim. It'll make a great Christmas present! 

Other gorgeous goodies from Margarita:

'Irish linen' by PetraShae

Country cushions in patchwor...

Tablepath on linen with ivor...

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Baby sandals with its bag ...

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Envelope handbag in linen , ...


  1. wow you do start early...but I guess I have a 'present drawer' that I am constantly filling with gifty things I found throughout the year, so in a way I do too... Love Linen Artisan shop! You both did well there!

  2. Oh Petra ..How systematic you are...I didn't know the envelope will be for Christmas...lovely It has a long life

    Thanks a lot for featuring my items in your blog...I've really been surprised and appreciate so much.
    Actually was my first Trade in Etsy..but in Spain I was in a organizacion which we have even edibles, then you can imagine how interesting was and helpful nowadays.
    Exist a social currency around the world and people try to live without Banks (how important it is now ) CES Exchanges

    Have a look: In the World At Eire

    1. i love the idea of trading and bartering as our ancestors did. i know some argue that trading doesnt pay bills. which is true. but you can acquire gifts for people which you would otherwise be paying money for, or treats for yourself which you may not really be able to spend money on etc.
      it certainly has its value!

  3. ...very interesting, I 've read also the other post on trading (love the "trade friendly" tag), I did not know! Thank you!

  4. Great info here, I didn't know there are trade teams and like the "trade friendly" tag too.