Thursday, July 11, 2013

On neutral ground

Ever played those games on teams on etsy? It's usually more of
a seller activity but I wouldn't be surprised if a few browsers
and shoppers joined in!
I was just involved in a very busy weekend - The Etsy Ireland team
and the Promo Team De (German team) joined forces for a 2 day
treasury blitz creating treasuries that included a 50/50 split of
goodies from each team.

Between us we created a whopping 206 gorgeous treasuries.

It was quite the crazy weekend, I created 35 of those treasuries
myself so have no desire to make another for a while yet!
It was a nice way to share european shops - to promote each other
and to generally have a good time. Good - but exhausting time!

So, I created 2 Polyvore sets featuring some of my favourites
goodies from 2 of my own treasuries:

neutral ground

get happy

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  1. ...35 treasuries are so many, well played! Thank you for the team-effort!