Saturday, May 11, 2013

Unique delicate snowflake

I started making these years back. I love collecting unique, unusual and quirky christmas ornaments so creating some of my own seemed like a natural move.
some of my favourite decorations 
ah, scotties... 

Severeal years back I had a bit of a stab at fashioning something festive with beads. It was such a hit that someone asked me for a set:

unfortunately this is an old snapper camera job so it's a small and terrible picture
but is the first and only actual 'set'.
Notice how they are all different
(as snowflakes should be)

 The Christmas tree itself started to appear around the time of the Renaissance altions  some speculate as to its truest origins. These first trees were decorated with apples, dates and candy. In the 1800's garlands of pop corn, pastries, cookies and other decorations started to appear. It was in the mid 1800's in Germany that a glass blower created the first Christmas tree baubles. They took off like wildfire and today we have everything from artisan crafted ceramics, glass and beaded ornaments to the popular mass produced factory baubles.

In modern times many people are seeking special ornaments whether because they love to support handcrafts, they want something unique, they want something that will last, they collect individual ornaments. In many ways the christmas ornament is returning to it's artisan crafted roots.

I love making these and am always surprised at their warm reception too.

a bit or a royal mix of colours
sugar skulls, for that extra quirk factor
turquoise and red with silver, i like that combo
girlie but individual
traditional colours 
they are not just chsriatms ornaments!
this one was actually put on a necklace

one i made for our tree
finally: i started playing with wreathe ornament ideas 
                       You can find other snowflakes in my Etsy shop


  1. that little scottie is so cute and the skull snowflake is super cool!

    1. i love the lkittle guy.
      i was so surprised at how fast the skull one was snapped up, i only listed it as i thought 'sure it wont sell if i stick it in a drawer' - less than 24 hours later...