Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pearls of wisdom for granny

My granny is my biggest customer - I mentioned in a previous post that she taught me how to make bracelets with wool (something I had forgotten - well I WAS only 8 or so) she is always saving buttons, ribbon, wool for me and ordering personalised cards.

The other week she asked for a communion card. When I presented it to her she said the pearl cluster (flower) was the exact type of earring she was always looking for. I remembered that she was always on the lookout for pearl earrings of some sort when I was a kid. 

She's a stud person so doesn't go for dangly earrings. I've never made studs but as luck would have it I had a few of those beads to spare so I bought some stud backs to give it a try. She loved them. 

Finding the right glue was a bit of a challenge though!



  1. I love your Granny :-). I appreciate how finicky jewellery cement is to use...I avoid it like the plague as I can be a bit clumsy and apt to stick everything to the wrong thing..including to my clothes.