Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A bit of a (bracelet) stretch

It was a great start to the week - despite being studio-less I managed to create! Although I am back to the good ol' 'moving boxes and sorting through piles' of years gone by. I said a silent prayer that my bed is electric so I could raise it to waist height, save my back some ache. I'm a part of the badge wearing ladies-over-a-certain-age (i.e: anyone who is over 18!)

A friend was hoping to make stretchy bracelets for a couple of little girls so I offered to show her how. It was a fun few hours and definitely a good way to spend a morning!

So here we go: the dog charms were supplied by the bracelet seeking friend. The bracelet on the left (blue and red) was one I created as a sample to refer to.

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