Monday, May 20, 2013

Krazy bout 'em

Every year my granny gives me a card with some cash for my birthday (it was in March) I try to buy something special, or something I need. I hadn't seen anything I really had to have (which is funny as Etsy is full of must haves!) so i've bided my time.
Then I came across a maaaaad looking cat plush on my Etsy activity feed - I checked out the shop which is KrazyBoutKats.

Bingo! I Found my must definitely have!

Introducing Dr. E R Surgicat

He's so well made, very very cute and arrived quickly
I hope I will need more at some stage!

'krazy bout em' by PetraShae

i love these

Sunny - Beach Kitty Whimsica...

Mamma Meow - Mother Caricatu...

Clarice - Cleaning Lady Care...

Bobcat (or Fannie Mae) Grima...

Cat Burglar - Caricature Cat...

Paw Paw - Grandfather Carica...

Daisy the Summer Fairy - Whi...

Tabitha Katt the Bride - Wed...

Scraps the Mummy - Halloween...

Axe - Guitar Musician Cat Pu...

Micah Schist - Geologist Car...

Maneki Neko - Lucky Cat Whi...

Shred - Guitar Musician Cat ...

Carrie Cheercat - 49ers Supe...

Kalamity Kitten - Cowgirl Fe...

Seamus O'Kitty - St Patr...


  1. yes..I can understand Petra !!
    I'm maaaaaaaaaaad about the dogs...but real ones !
    And you can imagine now because is summertime all their hair are on my skirt ,my shirt..on my bed !!
    You don't have this problem ..don't you ?
    I was grew with a cat like that

    Have nice weekend !

    1. oh i know it only too well margarita, i have a cat, 2 dogs and 2 birds its a right zoo here ;)
      i have a carpet of pet hair on me.
      im just glad they dont shed as badly as my cousins newfoundland, you get a whole extra dog when you brush him (nearly every day)
      picasso (cat) is a calico.
      the dogs are daisy and juno