Sunday, April 28, 2013

Off your trolley?!

I love creative tips. Being an addictive personality: I collect them. I was in the euro shop (our version of the dollar store!) and it was love at first sight.
I saw a plant pot trolley (oddly I'd never seen one but I don't swim in gardening circles) and an idea hit me.

I love to bake. But I don't want to fork out for an expensive cake turning table contraption. As a result my cake decorating is not.... Smooth.
If I stick a plate or board on this trolley it would do the job!
I could use it in the studio too if I decide to sculpt or work on 3d projects. I have little cork mats I can put on it if I'm soldering something I need to be able to really 'get at' from different angle too.

I just love ideas and solutions like this.
One such genius idea I came across lately was on handmade by amo'rs blog
Spill the beads - handmade by A'mor

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  1. Cool idea. And thanks for the mention Petra. I hadn't seen this.