Monday, April 29, 2013

Are my roots showing?!

I've been getting back to what I recently realised were my roots.
My granny taught me and my cousins to make wool chains (bracelets) one summer when i was about 8, remembering this I felt inspired to play with that technique again and adapt it with my more modern jewellery making ideas

It was fun - time consuming but fun!

chunky chunky


  1. this is a new one for me. Don't think I've ever seen bracelets like that.

    1. Heheh they are a bit out there. The ones my gran showed us to make as kids are sorta like woollen friendship bracelets. I played around with it to create these. The Greg one isn't as chunky. Different types of wool etc. ill be playing around with different ideas. It's fun. Although my back is throwing profanities at me!