Thursday, June 20, 2013

Waste not, want not

'It's no use' - oh yes it is!
We all know the situation, we end up with supplies we think we'll never use. Maybe you got them in a grab bag with supplies you did want. Maybe you bought them because they were just such good value (then you got them home and thought to yourself 'what was I thinking?!'). Maybe someone passed some on to you as a gift or as scraps.
So they end up resigned to an unused drawer somewhere because you don't like throwing stuff out and 'you never know!'.

Then one day you're working on a project, you're racking your brains out 'how can I make this work? What can I use??'
After a few hours of experimenting and dithering, it hits you:

'what about those wire loops / beads / brown ribbons I thought I would never use?!

Lo and behold, they come in perfect in a pinch after all. Of course this means i'm loathe to throw out anything as you really do never know! 
This is me - does it sound familiar to you too?

some 'oh yes they did....' goodies that came through

these beads
those buttons

that wire and those cream beads

the angels body

Go forth and hoard your supplies, I say!


  1. I perfectly agree! It works exactly like you wrote!

  2. One day...I should leave home and Country,
    I realized how able I was to accumulating..never threw anything my of studio..everything could be useful someday but day arrived that I had to leave '... then I understood the meaning 'let go of material world' ..and I said : 'welcome emotional one , let's go to begin ...
    nowadays I am more practical ..

    Sorry for the long explanation Petra..but happens to me
    a challenger to loose weight.