Sunday, June 16, 2013

If I won the lottery

If I actually played it!
There are many practical things I would do such as home improvements, back garden overhaul etc.
Plus less practical 'must do's - a cruise for my folks and I (a real fancy schmancy one with all the bells and whistles). Finally visiting New York, as I have been threatening to do for years.

But what about my Etsy shop? Well I wouldn't do anything for my shop directly but certainly I would be investing in new tools and gadgets i've been lusting after from afar. I would also swing by one of those huge bead warehouses I have heard about when I'm in New York (for a massive mother-of-all bead splurge)

When it comes right down to it this girl has 3 wishes
more of this:

Designed with the heart, made with the hands - as I always say 

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