Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I. Must. Create.

When you have a holiday to sort out, building work, emergencies etc. your first thought is usually 'what will I pack?'

My thought process went like this:
1. Okie dokie
2. What about my pets? (dogs, cat, cockatiels)
3. What about my Etsy shop?
4. What about my crafty tools? - I. Must. Create!
5. What about my scooter? 
6.  What will I pack?

A half hour later I will have figured out how to juggle the pets, my craft stash - and everything in between. Although my wardrobe is still up in the air at the best of times. 

It seemed an appropriate topic as it's such a scorcher here today, it feels like i'm on one of those foreign holidays (as the kids would say) - which is a very welcome change after an unusually loooooong winter. I was wearing coats and gloves a week ago.

summer has LANDED
iced coffee whispers sweet nothings in my ear


  1. Petra..are you the one in the pic ???
    or pic is dark..or you are really tanned ...hahah
    for my first my dogs..!!!

    1. Yep that's me enjoying a Starbucks frappucino!
      I do tan as soon as the sun even winks at me. But I'm not that dark ! It's hard to take a selfie! I was with my mum and she doesn't 'do' buttons on cameras etc!