Thursday, May 9, 2013

Etsy forums prototype

I joined the Etsy forum prototype - they'll be rolling out upgrades to the way we view them apparently and right now its in beta testing. I was curious...

So - it's far from perfect. The text is possibly a little bigger than it has to be - although I like it as I am blind as a bat.
You do see the last person who posted in the thread - in the corner of the avatars you see a smaller square avatar of the last poster in the thread.
You also see which threads you have READ as the number of posts in the thread is highlighted with a blue circle.
You will also see a little text below each post that says 'reply to Petra' (for example) and you will see the posts that are actually made in response below that post as a sort of subpost that's clear.

I like where they are going with it. The design isn't the smoothest or sleekest but its headed in the right direction. So much so i will be staying in the prototype.
I hope they'll be doing similar to teams too (but a bit different as teams need sections more).

I include screenshots from my phone - I collated them and also scrubbed out any identifiers and text. Just so you can see how it looks.

If you're interested in joining the prototype too this is the team:
Etsy forums prototype team


  1. I like the addition of being able to reply to someone's post. lots of interesting developments on Etsy lately.

    1. i agree, so much testing and progress is good.
      the forums may need work but its looking good for the future