Thursday, May 23, 2013

Colours that sing 'happy'

When you think of spring/summer what kind of colours spring to mind? Zesty, fruity, tangy, light, bright, loud, juicy colours spring to mine. 

When I think of summer I think of fruit, ice pops, bold sunny happy flowers, gorgeous sparkling oceans, luscious green palm trees and many other lovely summery sites. 'That doesn't sound like Ireland' I hear follow countrymen say. But I've felt the mists in the cloud forests in Costa Rica, trekked across Guatemala, Mexico and Belize (they are very very very colourful places). I've been to New Zealand also, a very beautiful country with the most gorgeous shoreline. So for me summer colours would describe these places.

That's not to say you won't find gorgeous summery colours here on our fair isle. Beautiful green rolling hills that stay green whatever the weather (which is a good job, as our summers tend to be wet). The sky is also a special shade of blue when it's sunny (maybe that's because by the time you see it you've forgotten what it looks like). I'm being naughty but i'm perfectly serious! 

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