Saturday, April 20, 2013

Creativity for little beaks

Bird toys - one of my recent projects.
Earlier this year I decided to get a second cockatiel to join my little white lady Spooky. Cashew was introduced to her ladyship and that meant getting a larger cage. A larger cage meant more room for shenanigans and more space for toys too. They have little toys, relatively inexpensive too. But larger ones such as ladders can be very pricey.


Like many women, Spooky love jewellery and bling!

Being a fan of Pinterest I've come across many DIY projects and ideas ranging from sewing patterns to fun with lollipop sticks. You would easily get the impression that everyone on Pinterest is a wonder woman in the kitchen, with a perfectly organised home, with perfectly painted nails, fit and leathe with a huge Martha Stewart-like DIY streak!

So I thought to myself 'what would little beaks love to play with?' something safe but interesting. I certainly had quite a lot of material to choose from. Wooden and plastic beads (larger ones), plain string that doesnt fray easily, lollipop sticks in different sizes, some unused cat toys with bells etc. So I created a ladder and a swing that looks pretty much the same, without so many lollipop sticks. I also grabbed some wool (granny always keeps her scraps for me!) and made a few string balls to hand around. You can get really crafty when you let your mind loose! 

Ladder of happiness

One of my cockatiel drawings in my signature style

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