Saturday, June 22, 2013

A work horse under observation

Yesterday was a funny old day.
I was in the studio working away when friends arrived with the 3 children (2 girls 7 and 9 and a 7 year old boy) - the girls were positively fascinated with what I was doing (making wire rings at first).

They ended up helping by passing me things and watching very closely.
I found I was a lot more 'make all the things!' than usual, maybe because I had a rapt audience! I just kept. going. Rings, earrings and even an ornament. When I was spraying the ornament with paint they were delighted that they got to wear face masks and eyewear.

By the time I was working with paint, the little lad had joined us too. He was fascinated with my rubber stamps more than anything. Maybe the paint I was using (sparkly pink) was too girly for him!

Here is a snapshot of what I created under observation. This isn't even everything I made as the girls got wire rings out of it and I fancied a pair of those earrings for myself.


  1. well done you. An audience usually puts me off and I get all clumsy :-)