Sunday, May 5, 2013

Get a grip: a handy tool tip

I love creative ideas that make life easier.
I have a problem with gripping things and my hands lock. It's a bit like arthritis in effect. So I found using my tools to be painful and awkward to get a grip of (a grip that isn't painful).

I had a brainwave. What if I put foam pieces on them - like the cutlery foam tubes you can get.
So I bought a sheet of foam from the art shop (an attractive rainbow colour for optimal prettification - naturally!) and cut rectangular strips. I decided not to glue them on so I could remove them if it wasn't helping or if the foam became icky.

How can I secure it? Tape, duct tape etc would be 'sweaty' and lack grip. Masking tape wouldn't be strong enough unless I used a lot.
So then it hit me. Rubber bands. They would secure the foam AND give extra grip at the same time.

Best of all: it works.
I thought this may be a helpful tip to share.

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