Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bling factor

I wanted to share my work from this week - my studio looks like a bomb hit it. Next week will probably be the clean up!

It's so strange working on four pairs of earrings (custom) at once! I was asked for diamond shape and bling bling. I wanted to do something different within than brief though.

It''s not the best picture but it helps show the bling factor better than a white background.

I've also been working on studs. I've never made studs but as I mentioned the other day I made a pearly pair for granny. Her friends were admiring them and placed orders for different kinds of studs. (hence the bomb site)

I hope to have more tips to share for the studio soon too like these ones
but I will leave you with this tip - better than a felted bead mat ( I have found ) is a nice soft face cloth! Pleasant to work on ( not scratchy ) and is nice protection for your beads. I sometimes double up and place the face cloth on top of this handy bead mat alternative


  1. all very pretty. What did you use to make the long earrings?

    1. i used silver plate hard wire and the particularly shiny crystal is swarovski, the others are regular crystals and the cube is rhinstone.
      theyre a bit more delicate than i usually do but that's custom requests for you!

      also recently bought a hammer for my jewellery wire - took me long enough to learn i should do that for structural integrity

  2. I like studs, Petra! Good luck with your creative adventures and next week clean up!

  3. Lovely Petra...I find diamonds unusual in your portfolio..and they are great !