Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is that spring in the air?!

Looking out that window today I could scarcely believe that spring is finally in the air. We're talking serious weather here, we had snow last week - snow in Ireland used to be an unusual enough occurrence in the past. Even if you did get snow it was usually in November or early December. Then those crazy winters we had a few years back started... I recall being stuck down the country in Killarney for a couple of weeks at one stage. It's a pretty picturesque place to get stuck though.

Chilly as it still was, I actually had the studio door wide open today. It was just too nice to otherwise.
An ultra productive day it was too:


  1. Yep it was really lovely today, wasn't it, with the faint promise of a real Spring...

    1. They better not be teasing! We need more of the old sunshine and less of the frostbite hehe