Sunday, April 7, 2013

Historically creative

When I say Irish crafts, what comes to mind? for me it's aran knits (cable knit sweaters) and hammered bronze that sticks out. However I attend the National Crafts Fair at the RDS every year, so I can tell you that in 2013 there is a huge variety of crafts on offer from Irish artists and craftists. The quilting exhibition area is always an impressive selection and is a must-see.

Ireland is perhaps known as the land of 'saints and scholars' but perhaps that should be 'saints, scholars and really crafty folk' as we have a rich history of arts and crafts; Irish crafts go back to the Stone Age when items were crafted out of necessity.
A trip to the museum will show you quite the array from functional utensils, functional but stylish to simply stylish. 
Or how about The National Gallery or for modern work we have the IMMA which also does workshops. I partook in the chocolate and charcoal one several years back and it was a great experience, creating with other likeminded folks.

my old college work space - creative chaos in Dublin

Keeping traditional crafts alive and adding their own contemporary twists - there are over 800 artists and craftists in the Etsy Ireland team, you can find their goodies on Etsy by running a search for the team tag: craftyirelandteam

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