Thursday, March 28, 2013

We're arty and we're crafty.... the handmade family

I've been thinking about how creative my roots are - no, not my hair roots although they are rather lovely (!) - I actually seem to come from pretty artsy stock.
I can't really say if my great grandparents were creative or not - although i'm curious!

My granny Patty was a seamstress and she used to bake a lot for the church fairs etc. She made quite a lot of clothes for my aunts and uncles, even the bridesmaids dresses at my parents wedding.

the ladies in blue
My other granny Maude knits like a demon. We've all been presented with her creations over the years, even our dolls and teddies got Nanny Maude Specials.
I myself am the proud owner of several boleros and hats.
She went travelling several years ago, her knitting needles went with her (and several new pieces returned with her)


My aunt Bernie is a fellow card and jewellery maker, she does cross-stitch too. As a teen my dad used to do metal etching and leather-work (belts, wallets etc) and my cousin Annemarie dabbled with glass painting, her and her son Christopher are chefs these days. My uncle Joe is big into photography. Dad now enjoys garden design. Others have dabbled with clothes altering, knitting and so on over the years but Eimear, Bernie, Nanny and myself are the longest serving members of the Crafters Army.

Given all of this, it's not that surprising that I sort of fell into - stumbled blindly upon - shimmied - sidled into the world of crafts and all of its sparkly glittery offerings.

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