Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Gathering of all things Irish

Did you know that 2013 is the year of The Gathering here in Ireland? Over 70 million people worldwide can claim ancestry and this year Ireland is reaching out to it's fellow brethren from all corners of the globe. It's basically like a year long party that kicked on in style with the mother of all parties in Dublin on New Years Eve. It was a spectacular sight, even from the safety of my living room (with my TV).

Town, villages and cities are holding festivals and events all year.
I attended one or two myself but it's barely April so there is plenty of time for more craic! (for the non irish folks out there: craic is fun in a nutshell)

A gathering for all
party people

my cousin Oisin giving us some tunes 

Later in the year i'd love to hold a little competition (from Petras Creations) in honor of the Gathering but I really have to think about how i'll do it. Maybe I can have people share stories about Ireland, or their crazy party stories! I often get lovely messages from customers and folks I trade with, telling me about their own links to Ireland, how much they like it here and so on. It's great to hear others love Ireland too.
Once you ignore the politics! Ireland is a country with a rich heritage with soul.

As I make this post it is Easter Sunday - happy Easter. So that means it is also the 97th anniversary of the Easter Rising. Our very own battle for independence.

Stephens Green, Dublin

Ballybunion Beach Killarney, co. Kerry



  1. In my humble opinion, a Country wich most of people is involved in supporting charities it is really a GREAT Country with a rich heritage with soul because it is 5 times that politics give population .
    Yesterday I went to Wexford theater , great quality concert, and full amount was for FOCUSIRELAND

    Have a nice Republic celebration Petra....


    1. i wholeheartedly agree margarita! happy easter to you too