Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter yummies if you please

I love coming up with different ways of celebrating things. Keeping things fresh etc. it's probably born out of the fact I don't like repetitiveness. That's one of art and crafts greatest draws for me: it's rarely ever 'all the same old thing'. I can keep up my motivation with gusto.

Baking draws me to it for the same reason. Things don't have to be all the same if you don't want them too and there's no end of what you can try. When you're out of recipe ideas you can get fancy with the decoration.

I was busy baking all night last night (so busy I had to leave the decorating of the main cake till this morning) we needed an Easter cake.
As well as that: I decided not to buy Easter eggs this year. I spotted a cool silicone baking tray in a discount store and had an idea. I'd make cake eggs and cover them in candy (I prefer the term naughty stuff!) - I did get some chocolate eggs/bunnies and coins. Bagged them up and et voila.

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