Sunday, April 21, 2013

She lit my fire

Randomly browsing a forum I spotted a thread where someone mentioned that they come from a creative family and asked about others. It was funny as last month I wrote about coming from a creative family.

There were lots of stories about folks learning to quilt, knit and crochet from their grannies when they were children. Passing on crafts is a wonderful thing. It reminded me of something.

My own granny tried to teach us girls to knit when we were nippers too - I was embarrassingly bad at it. There were more holes in my work than a tea strainer. However one thing she taught us that I was able to do: making bracelets with wool, using a type of stitch. myself and my 2 cousins spent the entire summer making bracelets at grannies house. We even used the letterbox on the hall door as a clamp to hold the bracelets taut. We made so many we ran out of people to throw them at. I must have been around 7-8.

I had completely forgotten about it. It seems i've been making jewellery a lot longer than I realised.
Maybe it was nanny Maude (granny) who lit the jewellery making spark in me, it w as a slow burner ;)
Happy Feet (her nickname)


  1. What a lovely post. I love the touch of genius using the letter box as a clamp! I don't know if either of my grannies were crafty, but my Mum certainly was and still is in her 70s. She could turn her hand to anything and mastered many crafts from sewing to woodwork. Nowadays she paints.

    1. hehe if our letterbox was higher now i might still use that idea!
      what got you into crafts?

  2. Great post, Petra. Lovely nickname too!