Thursday, April 25, 2013

10 signs of an Etsy seller

Being a seller on Etsy is a bit of a roller coaster. I feel most sellers will understand where my list is coming from. Especially the one about Extreme Statting.

1. You cannot go 24 hours without checking your shop stats (several times.... at least)

2. You have dreams (or nightmares) about transactions gone awry

3. You are your own boss and you think you're a lazy employee

4. Even as a seller, it's a danger to the purse strings (ssssssssshopping!)

5. You seriously wonder if - unbeknownst to you - your middle name is Promote

6. It's like being a junkie, hooked on Etsy!

7. You do gain a new appreciation for other artists and how hard they work (and end up feeling like a bit of a fraud, needing to give yourself a stern talking to)

8. SEO hurts your brain. A lot.

9. You're kept awake at night as you're designing new things in your head

10. By the time you wake up the next day you feel all 'ah... i'll do that some day...' - repeating the process often

I love my Etsy shop but I've observed these slightly nutty side effects. Maybe I should see someone professional about that. Get a prescription!
sometimes you really need a nap


  1. Lol I often thought of compiling a similar blog post...and it's uncanny, your list is almost identical to what was in my of my list is though, you check your email or your shop before you're even aware you are out of bed...

    1. i havent even left the bed by the time i do thst, hehe

  2. Ha ha I am totally new to Etsy as a seller so I will take this as a warning