Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here comes the bride... all dressed in bling

Wedding season is in full swing, so that gets the old thinking cap out to be dusted off for a trip down memory lane.
A few years ago I was playing around with wedding hair accessories. My cousin Av was tying the knot and I offered to create a hair accessory for her.
As I never saw the dress before the wedding I was working from descriptions and a brief of what was wanted so I set about creating 3 different pieces to choose from.
Something big, bling bling and unique. Her hair was to be in a chignon so the idea was the hair piece would sit to the side.

almost like a bouquet 

The third was a french comb with a line of pearls and crystals. Just s hint of bling. Very chic, to match the bodice of the dress that was described. 

I enjoyed the challange, the larger piece is now in a vase. As you might have gathered from my posts, I love to create special gifts that will add something special to occasions. It was another cousins wedding when I started out making jewellery, after all. 

But of course personalised wedding cards are where it's been (mainly) at - i love personalised cards tailored to the couple 

with couples kitties - a 'non weddingy card'

with couples dogs

something romantic and cute

something classy

something a little crazy
written in the stars

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